Happy Holidays

My favorite time of the year is fall to winter. Fall brings my favorite weather and also my birthday, so naturally it becomes one of my favorite times of the whole year. Moving forward we start to get into Thanksgiving and Christmas and then the New Year, and this is when everyone starts to get with their families.

For the past 3 years I have learned just how important family is to me, not that I haven’t before, but now even more so. I have such a large, and unique family and I am even starting my own family now. Spending these family oriented holidays alone really makes me miss them more, and look forward to when I can see them again.

For all the people out there who haven’t been in this situation yet, make sure you hold close to your loved ones and make memories with them, because one day you might be on your own, and you can pull those memories out and just smile. If you have an issue with a certain family member, be sure to forgive them and move on, nothing hurts worse than living with the past. And finally look forward to the future, and remember that one day you will see them again and those moments will become even more precious.

Love you family and friends! Happy Holidays!


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December 3rd

December 3rd, 11:53 P.M.                                                                                

When Andy woke up, his hands were bound by chains and he was hanging from a basement ceiling. The room was cold and dark. The only thing he could see was the faint light coming from the door in front of him. Soon the sound of heavy boots walking down steps echoed throughout the basement. The little amount of light that peered from the door had now disappeared as the mysterious figure behind the door covered it up…

December 3rd, 6:10 A.M.

Bells were ringing, Andy had tried to avoid his alarm clock by hitting the snooze button but after the second alarm he knew he needed to wake up. He opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling, the alarm was still ringing but he didn’t acknowledge it.

A different ringing had now begun, It was coming from the bathroom. Andy got out of bed and headed over to the bathroom door, his cell phone was on the bathroom counter. He let out a sigh, thinking it was his work calling. He picked up the phone and noticed it was his ex-girlfriend Delilah. He answered it eagerly.

“Uh, Hi Delilah! I wasn’t expecting you to call me, it’s been about a year now, we haven’t spoken for a-” Andy was cut off by Delilah.

“Sorry Andy, this isn’t about us. I called to tell you something else.” Delilah said with a worrying voice.

Andy spoke softly. “Oh. What is it then?”

“it’s about Matt… He’s dead.”

Andy sat in silence for the next 5 minutes as Delilah explained the murder of Andy’s old friend. Matt was a childhood friend that grew up with Delilah and Andy, together they went through elementary school, middle school, and high school. When they had all graduated Matt went off to the military.

Andy had assumed the murder was military related, but Delilah had informed him that Matt was on the way back home and he was murdered en-route. The news had put Andy into great grief, and he decided he would call out for work and meet up with Delilah.

December 3rd, 10:00 A.M.

Noon was when Andy had planned to meet up with Delilah, The two were together for 4 years when they broke up and hadn’t spoken for a year. Delilah had broken up with Andy, claiming it just wasn’t working. He knew there had to have been some other reason, but he didn’t want to bring it up because of the mutual death of their friend. He knew he needed to cover up his feelings for now.

After watching the news for a bit, his phone started ringing again. This time it was a call from an unknown number. When he answered the phone and said hello the response was a chilling silence. Andy waited a while before saying hello again, and just when he was about to hang up, a faint sound came through the speaker. It was the sound of a man breathing.

“Who is this?” Andy demanded.

The man on the other end hung up. Andy looked around his living room, as if he was being watched. He headed over towards his window to look outside. Snow was the only thing he could see. He shut his curtains and locked the front door.

December 3rd, 12:15 P.M.     

Andy was waiting patiently at the local coffee shop. He was expecting his old lover to show up at any moment. He was looking out the window every chance he could, not only because he was looking for Delilah, but because of the phone call he had received earlier that morning. He couldn’t help but think that maybe the man who had called, was somehow connected to his friends murder.

After finishing his coffee and making sense of this whole ordeal he looked down at his watch. It was now 1:32 P.M. Andy was now worried, He Pulled out his phone and tried to call Delilah, no answer. After several attempts at calling her, he grew angry. He went to try one more time, but instead received a call from an unknown number. The look on Andy’s face was horrific. He put the phone up to his ear and in a shaken tone of voice, he muttered the word “Hello?”  The sound of breathing was the response that came after.

December 3rd, 1:47 P.M. 

Andy was now on the way to Delilah’s house. He was hoping to find her asleep, but he had a gut feeling that something worse had happened. On the way to her house, Andy was distracted by his phone. It kept ringing and every time, it would be the unknown caller, and every time Andy refused to answer. With each call, Andy became wreck-less with his driving, and he started speeding.

Flashing lights blurred Andy’s vision as he looked in his rear view mirror. He was so engrossed in the situation that he failed to obey the rules of the road. At first he thought that maybe he could just keep driving and lead the police to the house, but instead he wanted to explain the situation to the officers.

He pulled over to the side of the road and at a fast speed. When he hit the brake his car slid around and came to a stop when it hit a pole. Without thinking, Andy opened the door and started shouting towards the cops. Immediately the officer driving the car got out and pulled his gun towards Andy.

“Get Back In The Vehicle!” he demanded.

“Wait, Wait!” Andy shouted back. “I have something to tell you! Its Important!”

At this time the two officers approached closer to Andy, as they did Andy noticed his phone ringing again. This time Delilah’s name appeared on the screen instead of the unknown caller. Once again Andy reacted without thinking and reached out for his phone. One of the cops felt threatened by the sudden movement and ran fast towards Andy. When he got closer Andy raised his hands up, but it was to late. The cop tackled him to the ground and soon Andy was in handcuffs.

December 3rd, 10:00 P.M.                                                                                  

Andy was sitting in a cell when an officer came out and told him that he was free to go. Andy looked amazed as he was released from the police station, and lead outside. The police told Andy that his story was believable, and that they would work their best to find out what was going on. They also told him that Delilah was missing and if he heard anything to let them know as soon as he found anything out.

When Andy was finally released he called a cab and waited near an alley. As he stood there shivering, he noticed  a man in the alley staying warm next to a fire. Andy started towards the man, but stopped soon after. He turned back towards the street and headed back. Once he got to the end of the alley he looked back one last time and met a tall figure that stood in front of him. The large man hit Andy with a pipe, knocking him unconscious.

December 3rd, 11:53 P.M.                                                                                                                                    When Andy woke up, his hands were bound by chains and he was hanging from a basement ceiling. The room was cold and dark. The only thing he could see was the faint light coming from the door in front of him. Soon the sound of heavy boots walking down steps echoed throughout the basement. The little amount of light that peered from the door had now disappeared as the mysterious figure behind the door covered it up…

Andy assumed his life was over but was hoping an opportunity would present itself for a possible escape. The man that had hit him with a pipe, was now coming through the door. The man walked in and turned the lights on. The sudden light blinded Andy but once he gathered his sight back, he could see the man clearly.

The man wore a red mask that covered everything but his eyes. He had long black hair that fell down to his upper back. He had on a black T-shirt with dark blue overalls and brown work boots. He stood at around 6’3 and was a very large individual.

“What do you want!?” Andy screamed at the man.

The man was busy with something else when Andy yelled this. The man just looked at him for a brief second and then continued what he was doing. He pulled out a table and set it up right in front of where Andy was being suspended. He then proceeded to go behind Andy and undo the chains that bound him. Andy could hear the man breathing just as he had done on the phone, this time he could feel it as well. It sent chills down his spine, but Andy focused on his potential escape.

When Andy was finally released from the chains he quickly swung the chains towards the man. The chains were caught by the man and Andy swiftly kicked him in the groin as a reaction. When the man let go of the chains Andy went for the door. He ran up the stairs and quickly navigated through the house for an exit. Once outside he looked around to find out that he was isolated in a wooded area. No other civilization was around him and a blizzard was headed in his direction.

December 4th, 1:32 A.M.

Fear had brought Andy into the cold and lost inside the woods. Adrenaline had got him this far, but he couldn’t continue now. He sat himself next to a large tree and closed his eyes for a brief second. When he opened them again he could make out a figure moving in closer to him. He didn’t fight, he just closed his eyes again and sat there silently, waiting for his fate.


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Tallon & Derrick

This was an assignment from writing 101,  I needed to come up with a 50-word story, so I came up with a short paragraph dealing with two characters. I might turn this into a little series and expand more on the story.

Tallon was anxiously waiting for his mentor to nod in his direction. He placed his hand on his pistol and closed his eyes. When he opened them Derrick nodded in his direction. Tallon jumped from behind cover and began shooting towards the aggressive enemy. The attack on the raiders began.

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A Letter to my Goals

Dear Goals,

Hello, how are you doing? It appears as if you are getting bigger and bigger each day! You are also becoming quite difficult to handle! You are worth it though, I will keep putting up with your nonsense and crazy ideas. Together I know we will achieve many great things and overcome all obstacles. Here is some advice though, calm down!

Sincerely, The Goal Creator


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Writing 101: Day 11

Writing 101 has done to things for me so far. For one I’ve learned that writing is something I do enjoy and want to pursue, but I have also come to find out that writing can be challenging. Today’s task was to answer a question selected from three questions. The questions asked are what do I do when not writing? How do I return back to writing refreshed? And what do I need day-to-day to maintain balance?

I will do my best to answer all the questions being asked, but my problem I’m running into is that I haven’t been writing very long to figure most of these questions out. I will start with the first question, what do I do when not writing?

When I look at my current situation, I can tell you that the only thing I do besides work is exercise, eat, and be lazy. When I say lazy I really just mean watching movies or TV somehow. As of right now I have no family around me and just a handful of friends, my free time is also very limited. So until I get back to my usual environment this question can only be partially answered. I might answer it though later on down the road.

The second question is how do I return back to writing all refreshed. Honestly I haven’t succeeded at this yet, and I’m eager to read everyone’s blog posts on this question so I can figure it out myself. I actually find myself stressed out sometimes, not necessarily because I have too much assignments, but because I need to recharge a bit and clear my mind. If I can figure this out I’m sure I’ll have my answer.

The last question is similar to the other two because the answer is unclear. I would have to say following my morning routine helps me to write. If I don’t wake up early, workout, and eat breakfast then my day is usually not so great, and that can really affect my writing.

Until I have more experience in writing, I think these questions are quite difficult. I do see where my habits are and how they affect my writing, but it is too soon to tell.


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Writing 101: Day 7 Quote

“Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason turn his back on life” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.” – John Wayne

So this Assignment was challenging for me. It wasn’t hard to find a quote, but it was difficult to find a quote that mattered to me. But in my search I had a friend show me the quote by John Wayne, which by the way is engraved on his tombstone, and I came across this interesting quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. I will begin with the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, then go into John Wayne’s and finally come to a conclusion about both. I hope you enjoy.

Curiosity killed the cat, a very popular saying among most cultures I believe, but recently I discovered that there is a part to that saying left out which is “but satisfaction brought it back.” This part to me is very interesting and I had to wonder why it was left out. My conclusion was that kids were told the first part to stay out of danger. Imagine if children had been told the second part, there might be kids drinking cleaning supplies that appear to be Gatorade just so they can have satisfaction.

I think that when we hear that other piece as adults our mind-set is changed because we can decide what danger to risk. Skydiving is a great example, you see what Eleanor wanted to relay is that life needs to be lived to the fullest, and danger or fear shouldn’t prevent you from doing that. A prime example for me would be this blog. I was scarred to start this blog at first, actually I was terrified. I didn’t want to be judged by how I write or what I write and even though I encourage criticism, I’m scarred of what might be said to me. It doesn’t matter though, I’m doing something I enjoy and I am glad I’m doing it. Just one of many things I’m doing to “live life.”

The second part to Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, I think can be taken two different ways. In one way I could see it translated as a message to stay away from taking your life. In another way I could see it transcribed as just being a boring person and not experiencing anything. One is a little more deep than the other, but I think every person might see it in their own way.

Now I will move into the other quote by John Wayne. The most important part to this quote I believe lies at the end. Basically we need to go into tomorrow taking what we have learned from the day before. It is true that you learn something everyday, sometimes small and sometimes big, but if we don’t take that new information into the next day then we will truly never learn from our mistakes.

Learning is important in life, obviously. It helps us grow wiser and teach onto others what we have learned. The world is constantly moving and changing, that is why tomorrow is the most important day of our lives because it is unexpected of what we might face. If we do not take the lessons learned into the day to come, then we will fail.

Both quotes may not really go together but I am going to try to do that. One expresses to live life to the fullest and the other talks of learning lessons and using them. Together they tell us that life is full of danger and excitement, we must take what we have learned and use it to chase our curiosities. Doing this we may experience life at its full potential.

Thank you for reading, I feel like I may have rambled a bit, but if you made it to the end you can see where I was attempting to go with all of it. Please let me know what you think, or if you have any input.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

So every time I travel somewhere I would like to share with you guys all the memories I have gained. So this is about my recent trip to Sofia, Bulgaria that took place between September 11th through the 13th of 2015.

I got to Sofia around 2 pm on Friday evening, and after checking in I was drawn to the Casino. Gambling is not something I’m familiar with and I wanted to get my feet wet. So after about an hour of black jack I was satisfied for the time being, I even lost all the money I started with but I still enjoyed my first time.

The following morning I went on a tour of the city to see some of the main attractions. I will post pictures in the same order I saw them.

This first one is what I consider the biggest tourist attraction in Sofia, and there’s a good reason for it. It is a great architectural design and it is massive. The inside is even better, they didn’t want people taking pictures indoor so I didn’t, but it was amazing. This Cathedral is called the St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral.

St. Alexander

The Tsar Liberator Monument was the second attraction I saw, I didn’t hear much about this one as I was running behind the tour guide, but I thought it was neat.


This next one is just called a Russian Church. I thought that it looked very interesting and I liked it.


This next one is a Monument to Stefan Stambolov. Stefan Stambolov was a Prime Minister of Bulgaria and seen as one of the greatest they’ve had. He was assassinated by three men that stabbed him in the face causing him to die two days later.


This next photo is a picture of the guards that stand watch outside of the presidential building.


This is The Statue of Saint Sofia and it was my favorite attraction out of all of them, I thought it was a wonderful design and very captivating.


The last picture is just the view I had from my hotel.


So those were not all the pictures and attractions I took/saw but they were some of my favorite, and please if I got anything wrong with the names or history please tell me so I can fix it!

But after the tour I tried my luck in the casino again, this time I played Texas Hold’em. I started out actually fairly well, almost doubling my initial amount. But as time progressed I got cocky and well, lets just say I wasn’t a winner.

After spending money on gambling I went out to an Irish pub called J.J murphy’s, and I highly recommend this pub if you ever find yourself in Bulgaria. The food was amazing and the service was great!

That about wraps up my short trip to Bulgaria. All though it was short it was a good time and a great experience. If anyone has questions about the area I can attempt to give you info, but I was there for a short time so keep that in mind. And if you just want to know more about my experience I would be happy to share! Thanks for reading!



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Writing 101: My Writing Place

I have been thinking a lot about this today and I’ve discovered that I have actual habits when I write. Let me share with you some of the things that I need, or that need to be present in order for me to write.

1.) A pen and paper. Yes, this might sound obvious but I prefer to write everything down on paper before I put it on a computer. For me it is just more creative, and if I get stuck on something, I tend to doodle and It leads me to new ideas. I’m not sure how other writers are but this is something I prefer to do.

2.) Music! I will admit that music can be a distraction, but in many cases it is the cause of my inspiration. Depending on the type of music, it can help me create something on the spot that would have taken me longer to maybe come up with. I usually will wear headphones and if something sparks my brain I will write it down and if the music becomes too much or distracting I will just take off my headphones for a bit.

3.) The outdoors. I absolutely love being outside, I love the smells, the sounds, and the scenery. I prefer to do everything outside if I can, it just makes the world around me come to life. If my walls could constantly move and blow wind on my face from time to time I might consider the indoors more often, but they don’t do that.

4.) A good mood. 🙂 If I’m angry or upset It’s impossible for me to write because all my thoughts are towards whatever I’m angry or upset about. So being in a good mood is


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Lazy Creativity

“I can’t decide if procrastination kills creativity or is essential to it.”

This Tweet from Grant Snider is what I chose to write about from Writing 101’s Day 5 assignment. I didn’t ever think about this but after reading it, I laughed and realized it is a good statement.

Well this is funny, I chose this on Friday, went on a trip and procrastinated the assignment. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure my procrastination lead to creative success, but I would say my trip helped me see the world differently, and that may have sparked my creativity. My recent struggle lately has actually been procrastination, but I have been overcoming it and I think it has been very beneficial as one would think.

When looking at it in a creative since I decided that it can be good. When procrastinating people often find themselves taking naps or sleeping in and that leads to having dreams. Dreams for me often help my imagination, as well as day dreams which also occur often with procrastination.

Another thing I find myself doing when putting something off is think random thoughts about all the things I could be doing and more times than less do I find myself coming up with new Ideas or imagining something so off the wall it is interesting.

As nice as it sounds though I believe that doing everything you have planned for the day is the best way to be creative. Also setting aside those times to just write, draw, or be creative in a different form. One thing I have been doing for myself is writing out everything I need to do over the span of one week and I cross it off as I complete each task. By doing the activities that I have planned I find myself learning new things as well as experiencing something different, and I think that it has helped my creativity so much.

In conclusion I think that procrastination can be helpful to creativity, but it is also beneficial to just do the things you have set out for the day, leave the laziness for later.

do it


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Blog 101: My Audience

Day 4 of Blog 101 and I felt like this one was a bit tricky for me, I also felt like I was ranting a bit, but I kept it short, enjoy.

When I think of my ideal audience I really only think of myself. I started my blog for two main reasons, one was to practice writing and my other reason was to share my ideas and thoughts with others. I never actually thought about who I was trying to target. If I had to guess I would say that my audience likes amateur, random writing. I haven’t come up with a specific style yet, and I’m just a beginner.

However, I am looking for a specific person to read my blog, I just haven’t met them yet. The type of person I want to stumble across my words of randomness would be a mentor, or teacher. Someone who wants to guide my writing and help me become greater. That is what I strive to become, greater.

But if i can’t ever find that person, I would just want my audience to be anyone and everyone that enjoys my randomness!


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